Alison Gopnik

A Curriculum for Foundational AI Models Inspired by Human Cognition


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Foundational AI models trained on multimodal data, such as GPT-4V, are becoming more powerful, yet there is no comprehensive...

Learning From Play in Children and Robots: Who Can Train a Robot Better?

Lynch et al. 2019 introduced “Play-LMP”, a self supervised method that learns to organize play behaviors in a latent space, then reuse them at test time to achieve specific goals. Combining self-supervised control with a diverse play dataset shifts the focus of skill learning from a narrow and discrete set of tasks to the full continuum of behaviors available in an environment. They found that this combination generalizes well empirically—after self-supervising on unlabeled play, their method substantially outperforms individual expert-trained policies on 18 difficult user-...

Learning Non-Intuitive Physics in Children and Adults

In this project, we will explore whether children and adults can learn non-intuitive physicalforces, particularly those that violate our core knowledge about the physical world, and whether thislearning varies as a function of age. For example, can children and adults who are exploring andinteracting with VR worlds learn that...